About GameTime TV

GameTime TV is a an online streaming service that works with amateur sports groups in Manitoba and Western Canada to expand sports coverage so fans never miss a game.

We collaborate with our content delivery partner to provide a streaming solution that meets the needs of sports organizations and their audience. Our streaming service includes video production, hosting & distribution, graphic design and reporting.   

Partner with GameTime TV to Grow Your Organization

GameTime TV offers amateur sports organizations an exciting new way to generate revenue for clubs, leagues, teams and tournament organizers. 

Live stream all of your season games, tournaments and special events, and drive revenue through viewer subscriptions, pay-per-view purchases, and sponsorships. 

It is an online streaming service that is managed for your organization by GameTime TV. 

  • Custom-branded tournament, league and team pages 
  • Management of viewer experience from scheduling to graphic design for banners and cover images  
  • An integrated payment gateway for the collection and tracking of all pay-per-view purchases 
  • Shared pay-per-view revenue model 
  • Post event viewer analytics and reporting  

Tell us more about your events

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